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Miami (July 26, 2020)– “Last night’s senseless drive-by shooting in Miami’s Brownsville neighborhood is a sad comment that even as our country and our community yearns for progress, justice and safety, there are those whose actions mock the meanings of those words.

To leave blood on our streets, particularly the blood of innocent young children, should outrage every resident of Miami-Dade County. My prosecutors and your police, who were all on the scene throughout the night gathering clues and information to find the shooters, need our community’s help to bring the shooters in.

The million eyes of our community’s residents may have seen something that could provide an essential identifying clue. Please come forward and say something. You may become an important lifesaver with just a few words.”


Click here for the PDF version of this release.

For further information, contact Ed Griffith, Public Information Officer, at EdGriffith@MiamiSAO.com or
(305) 547-0535.

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