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As the result of a joint investigation by the Miami-Dade Office of the Inspector General and the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office, two individuals have been arrested in a vendor overbilling scheme.

Arrested today were:

Jorge Isaac Maquilon (President/Director & sole owner Decomax Corporation & Emporium Supplies Corporation)
And his wife Ivy Evans-Maquilon (former employee of the Miami International Airport Hotel)

Mrs. Ivy Evans-Maquilon , a member of the management team running the Miami Dade County-owned hotel at Miami international Airport, developed a scheme which bypassed the existing financial controls and allowed her to enrich herself, her husband Jorge Isaac Maquilon and another employee of the Miami Dade County owned hotel.

The fraud manipulated the existing management agreement which, when properly utilized, had the hotel owner, Miami Dade County, reimburse the contracted hotel operators for normal operating expenses. Under the management agreement, expenses over $1000 required three competitive bids to secure the best price for Miami Dade County. This process was manipulated through the use of fake bids to make it appear that companies owned by Ms. Ivy Evans-Maquilon`s husband, Jorge Isaac Maquilon (Decomax and Emporium Supplies) were the best supply source. To further facilitate this scheme, Ivy Evans-Maquilon kept her relationship to Jorge Isaac Maquilon less visible by only using her unmarried name (Ivy Evans) in her official hotel capacity.

The investigation started in 2010 when the Inspector General`s Office was informed that the Miami International Airport Hotel had apparently been over paying anywhere from 3 to 5 times the purchase price for wallpaper Miami-Dade County already had in stock from a previous March 2009 hotel renovation.

During this investigation, it was discovered that the overbilling supplier, Decomax, was owned by Jorge Isaac Maquilon and that required competitive bids were faked. The investigation then revealed additional frauds relating to the purchases of maintenance supplies from Emporium Supplies Corporation, another Jorge Isaac Maquilon company. Some of these supplies were never delivered and others were purchased and highly inflated prices. This fraud required the cooperation of the hotel maintenance supervisor, Nestor Aznar who profited from the scheme but who pleaded guilty and is now cooperating in the investigation.

Jorge Isaac Maquilon and Ivy Evans-Maquilon are both charged with:

1 Count Organize Scheme To Defraud 1st Degree Felony

1 Count Grand Theft 1st Degree Felony

1 Count Grand Theft 2nd Degree Felony

“The greatest horror for any business is to learn that a trusted employee has committed a theft. Miami Dade County`s business of running an airport hotel relied entirely on having a competent management team in place. Sadly, that competency appears to have been lacking, commented State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle. This detailed investigation by the Office of the Inspector General and the Dade State Attorney’s Office unraveled some complicated financial shenanigans and supplied the evidence necessary to build our strong criminal case.”

In commenting on the arrest, Interim Inspector General Patra Liu stated, The Miami International Airport is not an open pocketbook to benefit some dishonest employee or vendor. The Miami-Dade County OIG, with our law enforcement partners at the State Attorney`s Office, remain fully committed to rooting out fraud at all levels of county government. I believe that Evans-Maquilon and Maquilon have gotten that message.

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