Child Support

About Non-Custodial Parents

Below are the most frequently asked questions about non-custodial parents.

Can you locate the non-custodial parent (NCP)?

We must know where to find the parent responsible for support. If this is not known, we will search for him or her through a variety of local, state, and federal location resources. We do need you to provide any information you may currently know about the non-custodial parent. Your participation is important.

What happens if the NCP doesn't pay?

Our enforcement unit will work to keep the NCP paying. Some enforcement methods we use:

  • Income Deductions:
    Payments are deducted from the NCP's paycheck.
  • IRS Intercepts:
    Tax refunds can be intercepted.
  • Lottery Intercept:
    Winnings of $600 or more from the Florida Lottery can be intercepted.
  • Liens:
    In certain cases, courts can place liens on real estate and personal property.
  • Consumer Reporting Agencies:
    Information about delinquent child support is given to credit reporting agencies, possibly affecting the NCP's credit rating.
  • Suspension of Licenses:
    Driver's license, vehicle registration, and professional business licenses can be suspended or denied.
  • Referral for Contempt:
    The case can be referred to Court, where he or she could face penalties such as jail time.
  • Passport Denial:
    NCP's can be denied US passports if their certified past due amount exceeds $2,500.

What if the non-custodial parent lives in another state?

When custodial and non-custodial parents live in different states, the State Attorney's Office works with the child support offices in those states. When the non-custodial parent lives in another state, we must allow the other state's child support enforcement office and court system to process the case within the time frames applied to their state since they have legal jurisdiction.

If we are attempting to establish a new support order, this process could take 6-12 months. If there is already a support order, some states will let us deduct support from the NCP's paycheck. However, if the NCP lives in a state that does not allow this, or if there is no order for support, we have to file the case with the child support agency in the other state.

International agreements with some foreign countries enable us to act on your behalf even when the non-custodial parent lives in another country.