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Having a second chance in life is an opportunity not to be missed. That is why my office is offering this Sealing and Expungement Program. If you were charged with a crime in Miami-Dade County and the case did not result in a conviction, you may be eligible to have a single record sealed or expunged. Have you ever asked yourself:

  • Can I seal or expunge my criminal record?
  • When am I required to acknowledge sealing or expungement?
  • Can I restore my right to vote?
  • Click here for instructions.

We are here to answer these and other questions. For those who qualify we assist with processing the application for submission to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. If you do not qualify for Sealing or Expungement, the American Civil Liberties Union and the Parole Commission will be present to assist with restoring your civil rights.

Sealing & Expunging Pre-registration Form



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