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Miami – February 1, 2019

Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle has announced the January 19, 2019 arrest of 36-year-old Jamaal Denmon after a Human Trafficking investigation undertaken by the members of the State Attorney’s Office Human Trafficking Task Force uncovered the sex trafficking of a 15-year-old girl from Louisiana.

Jamaal Denmon, who supplied authorities with a Texas residential address, is charged with:

  • 1 count – Human Trafficking of a Victim under 18, Life Felony
  • 1 count – Human Trafficking of a Victim under 18 for Commercial Sexual Activity, Life Felony

The human trafficking investigation was initiated based on information supplied to the police of a young female in the area of Lincoln Road in Miami Beach who was actively seeking to purchase drugs. Contact with the teenage victim indicated that her “pimp” known as “Koach”, used violence to get her to perform acts of prostitution and to solicit and then drug tourists in order to rob them. The investigation led the officers to a residence in the City of Hallandale in Broward County where the 15-year-old was residing and additional evidence was obtained.

A second teenage girl was previously rescued on Miami Beach after a criminal investigation by the Miami Beach Police Department members of the State Attorney’s Office Human Trafficking Task Force resulted in the 11/28/2018 arrest of 39-year-old Terrance Jones. This case originated from information that a 14-year-old girl was working as a prostitute on the streets of Miami Beach. Task Force investigators were able to locate and observe the young female in the company of another female (20 years old), as they both appeared to be soliciting males on the street with the younger girl often exposing herself in an effort to attract male customers.

In the presence of the undercover detective, the older female was directed by her “pimp” to sell the cocaine that she had in her possession, which also became a part of the overall solicitation made to the undercover detective. Upon being taken into police custody, it was learned that the 14-year-old girl had been previously reported missing from Arcadia, Florida.

The older female, a 20- year-old from Broward County, was charged with the Sale of Cocaine.

Terrance Jones, who supplied authorities with a Miami Beach residential address, is charged with:

  • 1 count – Human Trafficking of a Victim under 18, Life Felony
  • 1 count – Custodial Interference, 3rd Degree Felony
  • 1 count – Domestic Battery by Strangulation, 3rd Degree Felony

“These two cases of human trafficking represent some of the worst fears any parent may have for the safety and security of their teenage children,” said State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle. “Restoring these lost girls to their families while getting their predatory bosses off the streets is what the Human Trafficking Task Force is really all about. I congratulate these Miami Beach Police officers for their fine work and want to thank Miami Beach Police Chief Daniel Oates for his commitment to ending Human Trafficking in this community.”

“Human sex trafficking is an absolutely horrendous crime, and it’s happening here in South Florida,” said Miami Beach Police Chief Daniel Oates. “The State Attorney’s task force is committed to fighting this terrible evil. Thank God that in these cases, we were able to rescue these two young girls and arrest these pimps”.


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