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UPDATE: The employee who has recently worked on the 5th Floor North in the Graham Building is self-isolating and  seeking medical care for flu-like symptoms. The employee was tested for the coronavirus COVID-19 and the employee advised that the test result for the first test was negative.

“An employee who has recently worked on the 5th Floor North in the Graham Building is self-isolating and seeking medical care for flu-like symptoms.

At the time the employee brought this to our attention, the employee did not exhibit all three symptoms. The employee has been tested for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and we expect that results will be received shortly.

A few persons who were in close contact with the employee were sent home to self-isolate when we initially received the information. Further, the employee’s office was thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Persons who have been in this area within the last 14 days should follow the self-monitoring steps outlined in the Centers for Disease Control website at www.cdc.gov for the next 14 days.

Self-monitoring means people should monitor themselves for fever by taking their temperatures twice a day and remain alert for cough or difficulty breathing. If they feel feverish or develop measured fever, cough, or difficulty breathing during the self-monitoring period, they should self-isolate, limit contact with others, and seek advice by telephone from a healthcare provider or their local health department to determine whether medical evaluation is needed.

Further updates will be provided as soon as new information becomes available.”

For more information about COVID-19, log on to: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/if-you-are-sick/steps-when-sick.html?CDC_AA_refVal=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cdc.gov%2Fcoronavirus%2F2019-ncov%2Fabout%2Fsteps-when-sick.html

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