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I am very proud of the dedicated prosecutors and staff in this office. The functions of this office are vital to this community as we work towards a safer place in which to live, work, and raise our families. As a team and as individuals, we have an overriding sense of purpose and commitment to meeting these goals. We pride ourselves on hiring the most qualified individuals. I welcome anyone who is willing to join our team as we work hard to serve and protect the residents of Miami-Dade County.


Katherine Fernandez Rundle
Miami-Dade State Attorney

Current Positions

APPLICATION PROCESS: To apply for a current posted job announcement, applicants must include a detailed resume, with their employment application.  The application and resume must be submitted electronically in PDF, WordPerfect or Word format.  The email address to submit your application is:  HumanResources@MiamiSAO.com.  The subject line of the email should indicate the title of the position you are applying for.  If the application is submitted incomplete and/or late, it will not be considered.  Applications submitted that are not related to a current job announcement will be disregarded.  All information provided by applicants is subject to verification and background investigation.  False statements or omission of information on any application materials may be grounds for non-selection, withdrawal of an offer of employment, or dismissal after being employed.

Click here to print/view Support Staff (non-attorney) application.

Click here to print/view Intern application.

To apply for an undergraduate or high school internship, please complete the intern application and fax to:  305-547-0779.  College students must include a letter from their school which must confirm enrollment, anticipated graduation date, and if  credit will be given for the internship.  High School students must have completed the 9th grade, and must include a copy of their most recent grading report.


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