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As a result of a joint investigation by the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office and the Miami Beach Police Department, the Florida Highway Patrol, the Miami-Dade Police Department and Florida’s Division of Insurance Fraud , Miami Beach dentist Jesus Enrique Del Valle, former Florida Highway Patrol Officer David Casillas and automobile body shop owner Ariel Perera have been charged with variety of crimes originating from a June 30, 2015 accident on Miami Beach wherein a Range Rover allegedly struck and seriously injured a landscape employee of Lewis Tree Service and then allegedly fled the scene.

Allegedly, De Valle brought the damaged Range Rover to an auto repair shop owned by his girlfriend’s cousin, Perera for repair work. In order to obtain insurance payment for the work, De Valle allegedly contacted his friend, former Florida Highway Patrol Officer David Casillas. Casillas allegedly provided a false accident report which then facilitated the insurance payment for the repair work. The alleged manufactured report indicated a collision with a palm tree far from Miami Beach and dated this “accident” seven days after the June 30th incident. In January 2017, Casillas was dismissed from the Florida Highway Patrol. The investigation also revealed that Perera allegedly submitted inflated invoices for payment from Del Valle’s insurance company. Allegedly, Perera included charges for replacement parts that were never replaced.

“In an effort to avoid prosecution for leaving the scene of an accident injury, it is alleged that a dentist, a former police officer and a body shop owner all committed a variety of serious crimes,” noted State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle. “This community has seen too many tragedies where injured people suffer on the side of our roads. This must stop.”

Jesus Enrique De Valle has been charged with:

Organized Scheme to Defraud                                                   1st Degree Felony

Organized Scheme to Defraud                                                   3rd Degree Felony

False Insurance Claim                                                                 3rd Degree Felony

Unlawful Use of 2-way Communication Device                    3rd Degree Felony

Grand Theft                                                                                   3rd Degree Felony

Leaving the Scene of an Accident, Serious Bodily Injury     2nd Degree Felony


David Casillas has been charged with:

Organized Scheme to Defraud                                                 3rd Degree Felony

False Insurance Claim                                                               3rd Degree Felony

Official Misconduct                                                                    3rd Degree Felony

Unlawful Use of 2-way Communication Device                   3rd Degree Felony


Ariel Perera has been charged with:

Organized Scheme to Defraud                                               3rd Degree Felony

False Insurance Claim                                                             3rd Degree Felony

Grand Theft                                                                               3rd Degree Felony

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